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One of the goals of the Goan Overseas Association is to promote the well being of its senior members through suitable programs. We hope that by providing programs to keep both body and mind active, our seniors will develop a healthy lifestyle and continue to make valuable contributions to our community with their experience and knowledge.

Among the many programs discussed it was agreed that the following will be included as part of the overall seniors program:

·         Theatre shows such as plays and concerts

·         Day trips to local or US casinos

·         Summer picnics

·         Educational talks on various topics.

·         Provide rides for those who have no transportation.

·         Keep in touch on a regular basis by phone with those who make such a request.

·         Visit those who are hospitalized or housebound.

·         Provide assistance to those who request help.

We hope that as a result of our initiative, our seniors will take advantage of this and live a healthier life style. We also plan to publish a short Newsletter to keep all seniors informed of the upcoming activities.

We also wish to extend our services to non-member seniors especially to those hospitalized or housebound and thus help create a caring and sharing community.

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