2017 Executive Committee

PRESIDENT: Caroline D'Sa president@goavancouver.com

VICE-PRESIDENT: Deborah D'Mello vicepresident@goavancouver.com

TREASURER: Lynette Pereira treasurer@goavancouver.com

GENERAL SECRETARY: Jennifer D'Sa secretary@goavancouver.com

COMMUNICATIONS: Joe Pinto communications@goavancouver.com


Scholarships : Christopher Correia, Charisse Fernandes, Alyssa D'Lima, Freda Moraes & Jennifer Sales

Charitable Donations:  Louis D'Mello

Events : Seby Fernandes Show - Lead Crystal Menezes

              GOA Celebrates Canada 150 and WGD - Chair Villa Pinto

              LORNA's Farewell Tour - Lead Crystal Menezes and team

              SFX: Lead - Judith Braganza and Cipriano Gomes

Webmaster: Joseph D'silva  webmaster@goavancouver.com

Membership: Cynthia Bonamis and Paulo Lobo membership@goavancouver.com

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 97064, Main P.O., Richmond, BC V6X 8H3

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