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About Us

Welcome to the Goan Overseas Association, Vancouver BC, Canada. We are a community of Goans who have settled in Vancouver, BC and have formed an association since 1976. Goans in are community have come from not only Goa but from various other parts of the world like East Africa, London, Middle East, Bombay, Pakistan etc. Together we have brought our culture and our traditions and we strive to keep them alive in our community.

Our community organizes many cultural, sports and religious events to promote our culture and pass on our values to the Goan youth for generations to come. It is through this community involvement we keep our "Goaness" alive and continue to develop new initiatives and programs to better serve our community and our Goan motherland. Over the years our members, youth and volunteers have put a lot of effort and time for all our programs and we invite you all once again as members to participate and also encourage and invite past members and new members to join us in building our Goan community.

Come one and all and let's build community....

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P.O. Box 97064, Main P.O., Richmond, BC V6X 8H3

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